Stop Paying So Much For Gas! This One Device Can Save You So Much On Fuel That It’s Not Even Funny …

18/07/2024 | Jack Hollister

Summary: The Norwegians know their oil won’t last forever, and a group of their engineers have launched a startup to help with that, and the whole worlds with it. A device that saves on average 20% of fuel consumption and it literally small enough to fit in your hand! Our wallets and the planet are both elated!

Are you regularly filling up half a tank to try and save money? Are you seeing the gas-meter dial edging closer and closer to empty and getting anxious if you even have the money to make it back home? Do you like clean air? A yes to any of these questions means you have to take a look at this new device.

Did you know that your car, is not terribly optimized to properly utilize fuel? Yes the big auto manufacturers boast that this newest model of theirs manages X miles to the gallon, but it’s actually been proven that they don’t do everything they can.

Why? Anyone’s guess. The designers don’t care enough? The big oil companies owning major shares in said auto manufacturers? Could be anything.

But now a Norwegian startup has come to close that gap, and save you, and our planet, a lot of hassle.

Save money, save the world?

They call it the SmartFuel. No bombastic names needed, just simple description for how it’s going to change the world. The Norwegian engineers were trying to find ways to reduce fuel usage, when they discovered just how un-optimized cars were at doing this.

With a lot of work, math and sweat, they created a small and smart device to plug into your lighter socket that optimizes your fuel usage, emissions, battery use and increases your engine output.

They initially were just thinking of ways to save on dwindling resources and to reduce emissions, help improve the world we live in, but if there’s a financial benefit in it for us, it really is a win win situation.

With the world looking forward to return to normal, this is our chance to make it a better normal. And it pays for itself!

Does it really work?

In short, yes. In long, yes, it does indeed do what it advertises. But we wouldn’t be recommending it without detailing why.

As we’ve mentioned, the cars rolling off the production line are surprisingly unoptimized. To make things worse, they grow even less optimized as time goes on and wear and tear sets in. In particular the car’s electrical systems.

These systems are the ones that ultimately control everything from how much power and fuel consumes down to your radio and GPS. The result is a car that uses more fuel and energy than necessary, that pollutes more and costs more to operate.

The SmartFuel is a small smart device that plugs into the lighter socket of your car. It stabilizes and optimizes the car’s electrical systems.

Now we know what you’re thinking, this sounds too good to be true, well we thought so to. We plugged one of these boys into our six-year-old company car and were absolutely stunned. The sheer difference this tiny device makes is staggering. The SmartFuel:

✅ Improves your mileage – with electric optimization, the car uses up to 20% less fuel!

✅ Lowers your emission rates – with less fuel used and more optimally, the car pollutes less.

✅ Increases Engine Horse Power – without a lot of your precious electricity wasted in unoptimized places, the engine can actually work as intended.

✅ Extends Your Car Battery Life – unoptimized degraded electric systems are obviously not healthy for your battery, the SmartFuel solves that problem too!

✅ Plug & Play – No need to think, setup or any sort of hassle, just plug it into the sock and let it work its magic!

✅ Works for both gas and diesel engines

The SmartFuel literally paid for itself by our second refuel! It was such a surprise that all the car owning members of the office got one of these. Why would they not, it’s literally free saving after a month of usage!

And you must be asking yourself by now, how much does this little wonder cost? How much do I need to pay to start saving. Well, the retail price of the SmartFuel is a mere € 59, more than reasonable and pays for itself in fuel savings several times over, but it doesn’t end there. The Norwegian engineers are idealists. They want this to be everywhere, they want the whole world to benefit, and thus have had the global launch accompanied with a massive 50% discount and free international shipping!  You can now get SmartFuel for just € 29.

All we can say is, we didn’t believe it, but it actually works. It saves money, it saves the environment, it combats oil monopolies and it pays for itself. It’s amazing. It has our whole hearted stamp of approval.

Go save some money and save the world! And get it before the sale ends!

Don’t just take our word for it! These people loved the SmartFuel:

“My car isn’t even two years old but it never performed the way the pamphlet claimed it should. The acceleration was always a bit less, the mileage, which they claim “varies” by usage was never near what they advertised. I was this close to marching back to the car salesman when my friend showed me this. I was skeptical but it was really simple and I must say I’m amazed. I just plugged it in and suddenly my car actually started working like advertised! Why doesn’t this come with the car to begin with?!”

“Are you tired of your old car drinking away your money? I sure was. I couldn’t afford a new one. But with this one little device I managed to actual go past the 20% advertised savings! Even my front lights are brighter again! 10/10.”

“Honestly I got this on a whim because I was frustrated from my gas bills, but I’m legitimately surprised. I got my money’s worth and then some, and even the static in my car speaker went away! Amazing!”

Conclusion: Should you get a SmartFuel?

Do you hate clean air? Do like you pouring your money down the gas tank? Of course you should get it! Literally the only reason to not get one of these is if you don’t own a car. Even then you should probably get one for a car owning friend. The device pays for itself and helps the world on every metric. We really don’t need to keep talking about it, just go get it already. While the sale is still going!

The standout features for our reviewers were:


  • Save Up to 30% on Fuel
  • Improves Engine Performance
  • Improves Vehicle Performance
  • Reduces Toxic Emissions
  • Easy to Install
  • Fully Effective In Any Type Of Vehicle And Combustion Engine


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon.

How to get it:

Now that you know you can save so much and also help the world while you’re at it, you’re probably itching to get one of these, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original SmartFuel from the official website here.
  2. Start saving money and the world.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: For a Limited Time, Get 50% off and Free Shipping!